Friday, April 6, 2012

Naked Pallet Tutorial!

              Hello people! Today I was in the mood to show you one of my eye looks that i do from the urban decay naked palette. Its quick and easy to do, and of you don't have the pallet you can easily find colors close to it!
             lets get started.
                                    First i primed my eyes with urban decay eyeshadow potion.

                            Next i used a big fluffy brush and applied virgin on my lid to my brow bone

                      Using a blending brush, I used the color buck and applied it to my crease.

                  Next i got a small eyeliner brush and put darkhorse in the outer half of my lower lashline.
 Haha sorry the pictures sideways, okay I used a small flat brush and I put sidecar in the inner corner

* optional

       Lastly apply gel/liquid eyeliner to the top of your lash-line and apply mascara and your done!
                     Enjoy my collage of eyes! I hope you liked this eye look. I might make a spring/summer foundation routine in my next post so stay tuned!

                                                           Thanks for reading
                                                             xoxox- Tanya

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Review: Maybelline One by One Mascara


Hey guys!!! Yesterday I was at the drugstore and came across this beautiful pink tube of goodness called Maybelline one by one mascara! I had to pick it up since I already ran out of my last one. Like most Maybelline mascaras i was expecting the same great quality that most of them have, well this one met up to my expectations and is even better than  other ones i have previously tried!
                  here's what it looks like:
                                     *yes the tube may be amazing but wait till you see the best part!
                                             ( oh and i have the washable formula in very black.)
      * the mascara wand , the wand is very bendy with rubber bristles, which was kinda weird for me since im more used to the normal bristles that i can only compare it to a pipe cleaner haha! you know what i mean.) And did i mention that inside the tube has kind of a component that keeps an excess amount of  the formula off the brush so ur mascara won't be as clumpy!

                                              * aww my poor lashes without mascara.=(
 mascara without the support of an eyelash curler:

           On the packaging it says while using this mascara , not to let it dry before adding a second coat to keep it from clumping.Rather you apply all the coats desired when its still wet.

Mascara  prior to using an eyelash curler:
               *oh gosh my bottom lashes are scary LOL! anyways you get a little more length with the eyelash curler of course.

        Over all i really like this mascara. I am happy to make the four month commitment with this one, its a keeper! Thanks for reading, follow or stay tuned i have a makeup tutorial and a haul coming  up soon you wont wanna miss out! 

                                                   xoxox - Tanya

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Top 5 Favorite Lipsticks

        Hello people, back with another blog post. Lately i have been getting more and more into lipsticks, i've just been obsessing over them. Yesterday I spent 2 hours online deciding which lipstick shade on i should buy! Obsession much? I just wanted to show you  guys what my favorite ones are of the bunch!

 Now i don't know if you consider these "lipsticks" but i think these lip butters are so pigmented that they fall into my category of lipsticks. My favorite Revlon lip butters (in order from left to right)are: 005 Sugar Frosting ,025 Peach Parfait and 015 Tutti Frutti.
*These lipsticks are very moisturizing and they have a lot of product in them. Some are a little more pigmented than others. Tutti Frutti, when applied to my lips is an orangy-coral color that,to me, has the thickest texture. Peach Parfait is a nice everyday color but sometimes i cant stand the chunks of glitter in the product,other that that its very pretty. Sugar frosting is one of my favorites its a nice light pink color with shimmer,but its not as bad as Tutti Frutti it feels more like a lip balm than any of the other lip butters i have. Over all these are really great, i give it a B.

 Revlon lip butter swatches in opposite order. 015 Tutti Frutti.,025 Peach Parfait and 005 Sugar Frosting

                                     {L to R} Rimmel Moisture Renew in 640 Summer Angel
                                              Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in 070 Airy Fairy

sorry the pics aren't that great , im working on getting a new camera ={ but for now i'm just going to have to work with it.
                                          Swatches: 070 Airy Fairy  and 640 Summer Angel
* Airy Fairy is my favorite lipstick out of my whole collection. It has a sweet candy smell that's just delicious!Its an everyday your-lips-but-better shade that i always feel comfortable in its defiantly a must have! Summer angel, when on my lips, is a brown-toned color  with shimmers, its also very sheer o the lips. Unlike Airy Fairy, Summer Angel has a familiar baby lotion smell which doesn't bother me. I give these two shades an A!

   Thanks for reading my blog guys, i've really been enjoying your comments. Follow please! Bye..
                                  -Tanya :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

My Favorite Moccasins

 Hey girls....i know this is a makeup blog but i just had to rave about these moccasins that i recently got at Target. I think everybody should have a pair of these, and these suckers look good with everything! I got two pairs in gray and tan...ohh there soo cute! Oh and before I forget i bought these ONLINE,  i wish somebody had told me that before i went searching every target. =(  Anyways heres a couple pics of them, ill put the links underneath the picks
                                                              what a lovely pair
                                          They have fur lining and cute little fringes in the front

                                               i love wearing these shoes with a blue top
                                                  it really compliments my skin tone|pdp|13460529|ClickCP|item_page.adjacency&lnk=Rec|pdp|ClickCP|item_page.adjacency    
                                        these literally go with any color, {my favorite, shhhh dont tell 
                                                                                                gray pair..}

One warning the stitching on the ends of the shoe might come loose after wearing i recommend you  add a stitch at the ends just to secure it. After doing this they never came loose again. I still think these moccasins are worth it since there cheap ,cute and comfortable!
                                                 who says you cant mix and match!

                                        Thanks for reading! Follow me please Bye -Tanya 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Review:maybelline eyeshadow duo in Browntones

  •  A couple of weeks ago at Target I stumbled upon the collection of Maybelline eyeshadow duos.. all the other colors were great but this one stood out to me the most. Its the Maybelline Chic Naturals duo in  7D Browntones. I bought it for about 5 dollars which is pretty cheap! Its really amazing, I've been wearing it for over a  week now non-stop!

                                                          maybelline 70D Browntones

  • The first shade is a couple shades darker than my skin tone {which is a mac NC25} and it a perfect every day all over lid color. Its almost an exact dupe to Urban Decay naked! I also heard it was a close dupe for mac omega. Its mostly matte when applied to skin which is always a plus if your not much of a sparkle person.

                                                    pretty pigmented if you ask me :) <- dorky smile
                                                           Urban decay naked dupe

  • The second color is just your everyday brown, with a matte finish when applied. I  found that its a nice crease and lower lash line color. I've also found it to be a great eyebrow filler,so its very versatile.The thing about this duo is that the 2 colors are so simple that you probably already have one just like it in your own makeup collection . In fact I found the darkest one to be a close dupe for Urban Decay Buck {buck is slightly warmer though}.

                                                            2nd color swatch
                                               See Buck is kind of a warmer-caramel color

Over all the colors are nice and neutral.The only downfall is that you might already have colors similar to this,but if you love these colors, the more the better right!  The texture is nice and butter-like, its one of my favorites and if I were a teacher I would grade this duo an ha ha!.