Thursday, April 5, 2012

Review: Maybelline One by One Mascara


Hey guys!!! Yesterday I was at the drugstore and came across this beautiful pink tube of goodness called Maybelline one by one mascara! I had to pick it up since I already ran out of my last one. Like most Maybelline mascaras i was expecting the same great quality that most of them have, well this one met up to my expectations and is even better than  other ones i have previously tried!
                  here's what it looks like:
                                     *yes the tube may be amazing but wait till you see the best part!
                                             ( oh and i have the washable formula in very black.)
      * the mascara wand , the wand is very bendy with rubber bristles, which was kinda weird for me since im more used to the normal bristles that i can only compare it to a pipe cleaner haha! you know what i mean.) And did i mention that inside the tube has kind of a component that keeps an excess amount of  the formula off the brush so ur mascara won't be as clumpy!

                                              * aww my poor lashes without mascara.=(
 mascara without the support of an eyelash curler:

           On the packaging it says while using this mascara , not to let it dry before adding a second coat to keep it from clumping.Rather you apply all the coats desired when its still wet.

Mascara  prior to using an eyelash curler:
               *oh gosh my bottom lashes are scary LOL! anyways you get a little more length with the eyelash curler of course.

        Over all i really like this mascara. I am happy to make the four month commitment with this one, its a keeper! Thanks for reading, follow or stay tuned i have a makeup tutorial and a haul coming  up soon you wont wanna miss out! 

                                                   xoxox - Tanya

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