Friday, April 6, 2012

Naked Pallet Tutorial!

              Hello people! Today I was in the mood to show you one of my eye looks that i do from the urban decay naked palette. Its quick and easy to do, and of you don't have the pallet you can easily find colors close to it!
             lets get started.
                                    First i primed my eyes with urban decay eyeshadow potion.

                            Next i used a big fluffy brush and applied virgin on my lid to my brow bone

                      Using a blending brush, I used the color buck and applied it to my crease.

                  Next i got a small eyeliner brush and put darkhorse in the outer half of my lower lashline.
 Haha sorry the pictures sideways, okay I used a small flat brush and I put sidecar in the inner corner

* optional

       Lastly apply gel/liquid eyeliner to the top of your lash-line and apply mascara and your done!
                     Enjoy my collage of eyes! I hope you liked this eye look. I might make a spring/summer foundation routine in my next post so stay tuned!

                                                           Thanks for reading
                                                             xoxox- Tanya

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Review: Maybelline One by One Mascara


Hey guys!!! Yesterday I was at the drugstore and came across this beautiful pink tube of goodness called Maybelline one by one mascara! I had to pick it up since I already ran out of my last one. Like most Maybelline mascaras i was expecting the same great quality that most of them have, well this one met up to my expectations and is even better than  other ones i have previously tried!
                  here's what it looks like:
                                     *yes the tube may be amazing but wait till you see the best part!
                                             ( oh and i have the washable formula in very black.)
      * the mascara wand , the wand is very bendy with rubber bristles, which was kinda weird for me since im more used to the normal bristles that i can only compare it to a pipe cleaner haha! you know what i mean.) And did i mention that inside the tube has kind of a component that keeps an excess amount of  the formula off the brush so ur mascara won't be as clumpy!

                                              * aww my poor lashes without mascara.=(
 mascara without the support of an eyelash curler:

           On the packaging it says while using this mascara , not to let it dry before adding a second coat to keep it from clumping.Rather you apply all the coats desired when its still wet.

Mascara  prior to using an eyelash curler:
               *oh gosh my bottom lashes are scary LOL! anyways you get a little more length with the eyelash curler of course.

        Over all i really like this mascara. I am happy to make the four month commitment with this one, its a keeper! Thanks for reading, follow or stay tuned i have a makeup tutorial and a haul coming  up soon you wont wanna miss out! 

                                                   xoxox - Tanya